How to Start a Factory

Here we are. This is the beginning of what will surely be a long and difficult journey. This is something worth doing and that’s why it’s going to be hard.  Milwaukee is a town that makes. For too long, we’ve taken this birthright for granted. The persistent offshoring of manufacturing has long taken its toll on the economy and the mindsets of our people. We’re bringing it back one sewing machine and seam at a time.  

The best way out is always through.

-Robert Frost

This is an outlet for that pent up energy. It's a beacon to draw the attention of naysayers and dreamers alike, a movement.

Milwaukee Denim Co. is a manufacturer of apparel and accessories for people who care about stories over stuff. Apparel factories are capital intensive that require expensive, purpose built machines and knowledgeable operators.

How do we start? At the beginning. 

Are you in?