Thank you for asking.

You've got mail
Recently, we received an email asking why our product cost what they do? The writer wasn't complaining but posing an important question with an answer worth sharing. 
This is an excerpt from our reply.

Thank you for reaching out. Your reaction is understandable. The price of our product doesn’t match much of what is readily available at many retailers around the country. We’re okay with that because we know exactly why it is this way. Milwaukee Denim Co. is made using the best available materials by people paid fairly to make products that we are proud of.
Remember the Founder Series is a special edition product intended to help fund the launch of this company. Starting a production takes a lot of time, energy, passion, and money. We’re crowdsourcing all of that by inviting others to participate in writing this story with us. We’re calling on people who believe in our mission, vision, and ability to help turn this dream into a reality. And people are answering the call.
I know that everything Milwaukee Denim Co. produces is worth even more than the prices we ask. The people who have already ordered would agree. We have worked for a long time to make sure we’re proud of everything we make. Materials and construction matter. So do the people who design and make Milwaukee Denim Co. goods. Their talent and time are, in fact, priceless. Everything we make is special because of the who and how that brought it into being.
So what makes Milwaukee Denim Co. special? The answer is simple, everything. Think of your favorite clothes. There's probably a memory or a story conjured every time you wear them. We set out to design and produce goods that represent Milwaukee well and give that same sensation. We want to make sure that everyone who wears MDCo never wants to wear anything else.
Jump in with us. Be a founder and let's never look back.